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Al-Hodeidah is deemed the agro-industrial capital of Yemen, its port one of the most important entry points for imports and exports in the country. Because of its strategic location on the Red Sea it handles over half of all unloaded dry cargo in Yemen,  giving it an advantage for international shipping with ground transport links to markets in Sana’a and other Gulf countries. As a result of its rapid increase in port activity and sprouting enterprises within the city, Al-Hodeidah has become a nationally recognized economic and industrial hub..


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 Top Industrial P   rojects in Al Hodeidah


Owner Company


Sugar Factory

Yemeni Co. for Sugar Reproduction


Electrical Energy

Generating Station(50)M W

Al Ahram Co. Ltd. for Trading


Sea Water Sugaring Station

Yemen Kondasah for Water Services Co. Ltd.


Iron Product Factory

Yemeni Chinese Co.


 Total: $ 294   million

Location and Advantages:

Al Hodeidah, located north of the Strait of Bab el Mandeb on the Red Sea only 150km from Yemen’s capital city Sana’a, sits on a flat sandy terrain gently sloping towards the coast. It is adjacent to some of the most active shipping lines that crisscross the Red Sea moving goods between Europe, Africa and Asia. Towards the east of the city lies the fertile Tihama plain, Yemen’s most important agricultural area. Due to its importance as a trading and shipping hub, it is connected to Yemen’s modern road network for easy access to major cities and towns, including those within Saudi Arabia. 
The city has several key advantages for investors to consider. 
  • Situated at the horn of the Red Sea, Al-Hodeidah serves as a main connecting point for commercial sea traffic traveling to and from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia
  • Home of Yemen’s largest fleet of trucks that maintain a steady flow of commercial goods to a from the port city, Al-Hodeidah also hosts over 20 large successful companies
  • Local population growth and increased demand due to the city’s expansion and economic significance
  • Arable and cultivable land surrounding the city, available for agro-industrial investment projects.
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