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Ministry of Public Health and Population

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Estimated investment cost of the project is estimated at US $ 16 million.


80 bed at the minimum


Site was chosen in Ibb because of population density and being midway between other governorates with high population density (Taiz - Dhamar – Dali’).

Another site was chosen in Aden so that the center will be able to accommodate the population density in the Governorates of

(Aden - Abyan - Lahaj - Dali’ – Shabwah).

Ibb and Aden

Establishment of a hospital specializing in the surgery and treatment of cancer surgical treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Cancer diseases in Yemen come second after heart diseases with estimates exceeding 20,000 cases a year.

Yemen has only one center in the Capital city to treat cancer diseases with a capacity of 2500 cases,  the rest of the cases travel abroad for treatment.


Specialty Hospital for the treatment of cancer diseases




Investment cost of the project is estimated at US $ 30 million




150 bed minimum


Health manpower, available locally, can be benefitted from while it is possible to bring in consultants from abroad


The capital Sana’a

Establishment of a specialized hospital for orthopedics and neurosurgery.

Yemen does not have yet a specialized hospital for orthopedics, brain, and nerve surgery. Ordinary sections exist in public and private hospitals.

Traffic accidents in Yemen form the first factor in increasing the number of infected bone disease, brain and nerves.

The largest percentage of injuries are treated outside of Yemen due to the lack of specialized centers in the treatment of such diseases.

A Specialty Hospital for Othodpedics and Neurosurgery




Investment cost of the project is estimated at US $ 10 million







50 beds at the minimum




In Yemen, there is only one specialist center for kidney transplantation surgery, while other existing centers  only deal with dialysis.


Taiz and Hodeidah


Establishment of a specialized hospital that includes curative medicine and artificial kidney plantation and kidney planting and dialysis.

Kidney diseases come third place in Yemen

Cases of kidney failure reprsent a large percentage, most of the cases travel abroad for treatment.

A Specialty Hospital for Nephrology and Kidney Surgical Treatment


Cost the project is estimated at US $ 16 million

Minimum of 80 beds.

Specialized centers for heart surgery do exist but they only cover a very small percentage of cardiac  disease cases. However, the majority of cases travel abroad for treatment.

Mukalla, Hadhramaut and Aden


Establishment of a hospital that specializes in cardiac surgery and the treatment of diseases fully euipped with diagnostic and therapeutic cathetering, balloon therapy and open heart surgery.

Heart diseases rank first in Yemen.

A Speciality  Hospital for Cardiac Surgery and Diseases



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