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 Mukalla city ,the capital of Hadramaut, and the latter is considered as the most important and rich among the governorates of the Republic of Yemen. The city of Mukala is a continuous expansion of urban development, formed from a movable cluster of settlements allocated over specific areas placed on a long coastline with a favorable topography. Al-Mukalla has the third largest seaport in Yemen, with a strategic location that has afforded it a long history of international trade, particularly with Gulf countries and the Far East. Al-Mukalla is also the doorway to important oil and natural gas exporting terminals, and a hub for extensive fishing activities. The city is also close to the Wadi Hadramout, which is a vast desert paradise. And the canal that passes through the heart of the city is lined with attractive parks, and this has spurred additional real estate investments nearby.

Al-Mukalla has become a major commercial center in Yemen, helping to increase the country’s economic growth. It has access to several important natural resources including fish wealth, oil and gas reserves, minerals and a long coastline including with superb beaches for tourism. From these possessions, Al-Mukalla plays an important role in developing the country’s economy.

With an active international airport and seaport as well as roads linking to Oman and Saudi Arabia, these features have helped to establish the city’s reputation as a center for regional trade. Furthermore, investment projects in Al-Mukalla have been spurred and supported by a good infrastructure, making industrial projects especially attractive and which have increased substantially in recent time. Al-Mukalla is now considered as an important industrial hub and is deemed one of the most four top economic cities in Yemen.

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Location and Advantages

Al Mukalla, is a city located in the southern part of Yemen. It is located 480 km (300 mi) east of Aden in the Governorate of Hadramout. Al-Mukalla is strategically situated by the Gulf of Aden and with proximity to the Indian Ocean and major international shipping lines. The following have fundamentally helped to make the city an important industrial hub:

  • The city is near mountainous areas with substantial deposits of minerals.
  • The quantity and quality of the minerals available in the area in the form of limestone, marble, gold, lead, silver and fluorite gives Yemen a competitive edge.
  • The proximity of the mineral areas to the coastline and port allows for reduced cost for their transport and shipment.
  • The mining and quarrying industry in Al-Mukalla is operating vibrantly due to the availability of a plentiful and experienced labor force working in these enterprises.  

Top Industrial Projects in Hadramout Governorate

Name Owner / Company Investment (USD)
Cement Product Factory Buqshan Cement Factory 250,000,000
Al-Mukala Factory for Iron and Solid Almukala Co. Ltd. for Solid and Iron (Bagersh) 120,000,000
Electrical Energy Generating  Station (70 MW) Hadramout Co. for Electrical Generation 65,000,000
Al Mostaneer Factory Expansion for Tile Salem Faaj Abdu 36,000,000
The Valley Lab Expansion for Plant-Based packaging Ahmad Abdullah Sowaidan 22,789,000
Total: $ 494,609,600


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