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Lahj is known for its semi-tropical climate and highly fertile valleys that has endowed it with a pastoral abundance and that has drawn investments in agriculture to grow vegetables, fruits, various types of grain and long fiber cotton – helping to expand the local economy and support Yemen’s farming resources. The topography of Lahj varies from sea level, such as Wadi Tuban, to high mountains reaching 2500m above sea level as part of As-Sarat mountainous range.

However, Lahj has also been designated an industrial hub wherein a number of important industrial projects and investment ventures have been established and which have been successful with their activities.

Industrial hubs almost always have been chosen because they retain essential features like the availability of sufficient labor, land, infrastructure and a suitable location with proximity to international seaports and airports for shipment to local and international markets. The aforementioned are all elements that the region of Lahj in Yemen is blessed with and which, as a result, has attracted prominent global companies to invest in Lahj.

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 Location and Advantages

Lahj is located 337 km to the southwest of the capital city Sana’a, and only 30 km to the east of Aden and its international seaport and airport. Hence, Lahj is known as the doorway between the south and north of Yemen, and is also situated near other very populous governorates in the north. This affords Lahj a strategic position to access both domestic and global markets.

In addition to being near demographically large localities, it is also near mineral rich areas of Yemen where proven, substantial and high-quality reserves of metallic and non-metallic minerals are being exploited for industrial production, including in Lahj. With these surrounding characteristics, and combined with Lahj’s notable advantages for doing business, it is easy to understand why it has become an industrial hub, and why some well-known and brand-name international companies have concentrated some of their investments in this part of Yemen.

 The Top Industrial Projects in Lahj


Owner / Company

Cost (USD)

Iron Factory

Aden for Iron


Cables and Transformation Factory

El Seweidy for Cables


Pepsi Cola Factory

The Industrial Projects Co. )Bogshan)


Coca Cola Factory

Commercial Shaher Co.


Cement Product Factory

National Co. for Cement


Red Bricks Product Factory

Radfan Co. for Constructive Materials Industry


Total: 420,901,096 $

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