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Chairman Word

Firstly, I am pleased to welcome you at the General Investment Authority (GIA) website, which includes links to pages containing information about the activities and achievements of GIA .Moreover, we provide investors with services hoping that the visitor finds what he is looking for.
On the other hand, GIA is seeking to serve investors and interested parties using modern promotional techniques for providing information and promising viable opportunities ,in addition, investors can find latest news and statistics issued in respect of registered and implemented investment projects . They can also send their questionnaires and inquiries in the field of economy and investment and faster responses will be delivered accordingly.

Despite the exceptional difficult circumstances which our country suffers from ,GIA has adopted important technical and administrative reforms in the investment sector ,which in turn, will lead to the investor satisfaction . Likely, GIA works hard to implement the provisions of the National Promotional Investment Strategy which basically focused on promotion and facilitation investment in Yemen. As such, it becomes necessarily to give top priority to the damaged investment projects as a cause of the recent war . Additionally GIA at its headquarter has formed an emergency unit to receive any claims from the affected projects owners and subsequently will take the necessary steps to find mitigating measures and solutions to these projects through direct cooperation with the relevant agencies.

 Prof.Dr. Mostafa Hussein Al- Mutawakel

Having said that, GIA is also working recently on a modern promotion service called the Customers Relationship Management (CRM) and updating its website to go in harmony with the international standards, which are no doubt will contribute to help investors to make their investment decision easily. Finally, we take this opportunity to affirm once again that GIA will continue its utmost efforts to strengthen the partnership with the private sector and investors via meetings and consultations that aim to develop the investment climate in Yemen ,which will definitely, lead to attract more FDI inflow to the country ,and thus, these investments will be provided with the lucrative package of incentives , guarantees and facilities as stipulated in the investment law.

 Prof.Dr. Mostafa Hussein Al- Mutawakel

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