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Type of Investment Opportunity


Estimated Investment Cost


Characteristics of Location

Estimated Annual Production  Capacity


Construction of a Sea Port in Hadhramaut

Construction of a new sea port in Al-Dhabba, Hadhramaut Governorate to deal with the current and future developments, and to meet the increasing needs of the governorate and to attract trade/business activities.  The sea port shall consist of:

·  Western barrier, 4,183 meters in length.

· Container Quay, 700 meters in length

· Platform Conveyor, 150 meters in length.

· Multipurpose platforms, 1700 meters in length.

· Storage Silos Pavement, 400 meters in length.

· Maintenance Dockyard for the port's marine equipment, 160 m. X 70 m.; shipyard for docking of associated marine vessels, 160 m. X 100  m.

· Navigational Canal, 250 m. in width and 18 meters deep.

· Turning Basin with a diameter of 500 meters.

· Temporary Floating Dock for Coast Guards.

· Port Installations and Buildings

Works Required for Execution in Phase II:

·Extension of Western Barrier by adding 163 meters in length.

·Extension of Eastern Barrier, by adding 1,580 meters.

·Extension of Container Quay by an additional 1,300 meters in length.

·Maintenance Docks with total length of 1,950 meters.

·Port Installations and Buildings

US $ 642 million.

In the event of implementation in phases:

Phase I Cost:

US $ 326 million

Phase II Cost:

US $ 316 million

Al-Dhabba, Hadhramaut Governorate

Availability of sufficient marine area for construction of a sea port, with appropriate available back-up areas for establishing industrial and storage zones.

The existence of an appropriate graduated seafloor depths.

Availability of materials for filling and reaching to the required depths.

To be determined by the feasibility study prepared for the project.


Construction of a New Sea  Port in Khalfout Area, Al-Mahara Governorate

Construction of a new sea port in Khalfout Area of Al-Mahara Governorate, to meet increasing needs of the Governorate and because of the inability to develop the existing Nashtoun Port, whose depth ranges from 2 – 7 meters and is exposed to sedimentation.  The location and activity will be used primarily for fishing purposes and consisting of three phases:

Phase I:

Eastern Tidal Barrier, with a length of 1,260 meters.

Multipurpose Quay, with a length of 380 meters and 10 meters deep.

Filling and drilling Works

Buildings, wall, gates, tiling, services, etc.

Phase II

Extension of Eastern Tidal Barrier with an additional length of 275 meters.

Container Quay, 400 meters in length and 15 meters deep.

Marine Canal 16 meters deep, and a turning basin with a depth of 15 meters and a 500 meters diameter.

Buildings, wall, gates, tiling, services, etc.

Phase III:

Western Tidal Barrier, 1,210 meters long.

Container Quay with a length of 500 meters and 15 meters deep with the appropriate additional areas annexed to it.

Buildings, wall, gates, tiling, services, etc.

Phase I

US $ 71 million

Khalfout, Al-Mahara Governorate

- Availability of adequate water area for the construction of the sea port.

- An adequate and safe site for ship docking.

- Adequate and sufficient material for filling is available near the site.

– Year 1:  1,200,000 tons

– Year 2:  3,100,000 tons


Rehabilitation of Al-Mocha Sea Port Project

Increasing the capacity of Al-Mocha Sea Port in terms of quantity and variety of merchandise and the absorption capacity to handle larger ships; the project consists of the following:

·   50 meters from zero Level

·   Concrete area, 200 m. long and 40 m. wide behind the dock.

·   Merchandise warehouse with an area of 30.80 X 96.62 = 2975.89 m2

·   Port Management Building 35.50 m X 20.50 m = 666.25 m2.

·   Implementation of Existing Tidal Barrier with a length of 300 m.

·        Deepening of navigational canal 11 m. from zero level and with a width of 200 m.

·   Deepening of the turning basin to 10 m. from zero Level with a 450 meter diameter.

·   Deepening of the area facing the new quay by a width of 150 m. and a depth of 10 meters from zero Level.

·   Supporting the area between the old and new docks by a rocky barrier.

·   Water and electricity supply networks and a fire extinguishing system for the whole project, in addition to a communications network.

US $ 37 million

City of Al-Mocha, Ta'ez Governorate

(Al-Mocha Sea Port)

Infrastructure availability, its accessibility to international shipping lines, in addition to being in the middle between Hodeida Sea Port and Aden Sea Port; proximity to the Horn of Africa.

The total merchandise coming and leaving through the port, annually average 480 million tons, which can be increased by focussing on the loading and unloading equipment and the working shifts


Creation Of A Joint Venture Of A Marine Transport Company Between The Private Sector And Government In Capital



Participation in marine transport (import and export), is annually estimated at about 8 million tons, in addition to participating in the transfer of merchandise, goods and material to Yemeni islands. The project is considered a successful investment opportunity and an economically feasible project. It is thus expected to achieve capital recovery and to realize profits within a short period of time. In addition, the project is important for the Yemeni economy where trade relations with counterpart companies are expected to take place. The project consists of the following:

A multipurpose ship with a load capacity of 3,000 to 4,000 tons.

An unloading vessel with a load capacity of 1,000 to 1,500 tons.

A general merchandise vessel 15,000 to 20,000 tons.

An oil tanker of 3,000 to 5,000 tons.

2 Tugboats and 2 fuel and water lighters each  with a capacity of 500 to 1,000 tons

3 Land Pullers + 3 freight trucks with a load capacity of 50 to 60 tons.

Ground area for the handling of merchandise in the duty free area.

Shipping and Travel Agencies.

Phase I:

Purchase of a multipurpose vessel + unloading carrier + oil tanker

Total cost US $ 18 million

Phase II:

Purchase of two water and fuel lighters and a loading/unloading carrier and tugboat

Total: US $ 2.5 million

Phase III:

Purchase of ship for overseas transport of provisional strategic commodities, US $ 12.7 million

Total cost: US $ 33,200 million

Ships that have already passed one primary classification

Aden Governorate / Al-Tawwahi

Hadhramaut Governorate/ Al-Mukalla Sea Port

The productive capacity of the fleet of the joint venture company expected to merge with the National Shipping Company, will range from 3 – 5%, with successive compounding of productivity of US $ 3 million to 3.3 million annually.

Phase I = 2 years

Phase II = 2 years

Phase I = 1 year


Establishment of a Domestic Airline Company

The project aims to set up a domestic air transport company with all the required facilities and components of the project.

Domestic air transport is suffering from the problems similar to those faced by the Yemen Airways in not being able to cover all the territories of the Republic with capacity and flights that meet the needs of domestic transportation.

High costs of domestic transport with respect to Yemen Airways.

Ongoing and anticipated expansion of economic activities in all regions of Yemen and the subsequent increase in needs for air transport.

The need to separate domestic air transport from international air transport to increase the attention and lower costs thereof.

Turning domestic air transport to an economically profitable enterprise rather than burdening Yemen Airways with the burdens of such operation.

Project Components:

Provide 3 aircrafts with a capacity of 70 – 100 passengers each, in Phase I; it can be increased according to developments in air operation and the rise in demand.

Provide the required spare parts.

Provide the appropriate premises.

Provide the machinery and equipment.

Provide the transport media

Provide the computer systems.

Provide the planned technically specialized staff.

Estimated cost for the Project’s first three years: about US $ 100 million. This will be sufficient to acquire 3 aircrafts for Phase I with their required spare parts and the establishment and operating expenses for the first year.

Location:  City of Sana'a

This is because Sana'a is considered the center of operations for Yemen Airways and other airlines. The aim of the new company is to connect all the other Yemeni cities with the Capital City of Sana'a so that the new company will be able to provide for the passengers of Yemen Airways and then distribute them to other areas of the Republic upon their return from overseas flights.

Year I:

Expect to transport 340,000 passengers


Year II:

Expect to transport 375,000 passengers

Year III:

Expect to transport 412,000 passengers


Year IV:

Expect to transport 452,000 passengers


Year V:

497,000 passengers


Construction of a Railway for the Transport of Natural Resources

Transport of natural resources (minerals, quarries output and agricultural products) from production areas to export sea ports.

Set up industrial and agricultural zones and population gatherings along the Railway line.

Encourage investment by providing a safe and speedy transport system with lower costs.

Support domestic and foreign trade activities. This consists of the following:

Leveling the ground through which the project will pass.

Set up a power generation station to supply the project provides.

Rail grids.

Central Control System Regions.

Monitoring Centers.

Rail Carriages

Rail Road train Stations.

US $ 1.5 billion

Al-Jouf, Mareb, Shabwa, Belhaf.

4 – 6 years


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