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Aden Free Zone
Aden city has gained great attention since the formation of the Republic of Yemen onMay 22, 1990. It was officially designated as the commercial and economic capital for the country for its strategic location. The Aden Free Zone (AFZ) was subsequently formed and has become a regional and international center for development in Yemen.  It provides competitive and high quality services to investors for starting up and operating their projects in AdenThe AFZ strives to continuously develop its institutional capacities, improve its processes, procedures, and operations. It coordinates with the General Investment Authority (GIA) to monitor the regional and international investor markets, in order to remain competitive in providing to investorsa favorable environment.  The AFZ is dedicated to meeting its enterprise goals while maintaining its commitment to transparency, environmental awareness and good governance.

To develop Aden as a regional logistics and manufacturing hub with world class standards, to become the driving force of Aden's economic, social development and a vital part of Yemen economy, AFZ made new policies with great facilitations for investors to help them invest in Aden. It provides investors with a number of privileges and guarantees like exemption of taxes on trade, industrial and income taxes applied in the Republic of Yemen. This exemption extends to 15 years period and even extendable to additional ten years. Similarly, goods coming and going through the zone are also exempted from any fees of imposed on import and export. In addition, these goods are not subjected to customs procedures.

Goods manufactured in AFZ are also not subject to any import and export fees; and they are exempted from production tax and custom fees. Non Yemeni workers in the zone are exempted of income tax and are free to transfer their capitals and profits outside the free zone. Thus, with these great benefits and services, as well as the great investment opportunities, AFZ will be a vital part of Yemen economy.

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 Key Strengths

  • Strategic geographic location
  • Unique commercial layout
  • Natural port with easily dredged channel
  • Modern container terminal services
  • Convenient warehousing facilities
  • Expansive land areas available

The free zone policy is formulated to enable the following activities 

  1. Establishment of industrial projects and any activity related to installation, assembly, equipping and renovation of manufacturing projects.
  2. Free movement of local and foreign goods, including storage and usage within AFZ.
  3. Carrying out all processes pertaining to goods in the Free Zone, such as: sorting, cleaning, blending, mixing, packaging, repackaging, breaking, segmenting, assembling, modifying shape or condition; as well as, maintenance and other activities that are required by trade terms and market needs.
  4. All financial, commercial and other services required by investments within the free zone
  5. Provide all building and construction works, maintenance of ships, aircraft and means of transportation
  6. Supply ships and other means of transport with all materials necessary for their operations
  7. Any profession, specialization and vocation required by activities within the Free Zone.
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