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Ministry of Tourism.

Project Estimated Cost

Required Products/Services

Project Characteristics

Proposed Site/Sites


Project Name


150 million US dollars

- Hotels

- Chalets.

- Restaurants

- Residence Villas

Site features a number of characteristics and environmental tourism prospects, the most important are:

- A variety of marine biology

- Overloking a number of tourist islands

- Location falls within a limited and confined area

- Provides basic environmental services such as raods and water facilities.

Midi Beach to north of the city and the island of Aldwaimah


Establishment of residential and tourist facilities


150 million US dollars


- Hotels

- Chalets

- Scupa diving clubs

-Characterized by a flat surface topography

- Soft white sands

- Has a number of natural and touristic characteristics

- Ecological diversity that makes it suitable for the practice of scupa diving

- Has a beautiful beach

- In addition to its proximity to a number of islands.

Almark Island

located across from Alluhayyah Beach, 7 km from Hodeidah airport


Establishment of Hotels and tourist restaurants


200 million US dollars

- Tourist Residence

- Tourist Housing

- Recreation

- Restaurants

- Camps

Khour Amira Beach has a wide beautiful panoramic view of the sea; it is linked to a regional road network that connects it to many large cities in the Republic: Hodeidah, Taiz, Aden, Abyan, Shabwa, Hadramout, and AlMahrah

Khour Amira Beach

Located on the Red Sea coast, west of the city of Aden, a 95 km distance from the coastal road.

Practice of various tourist activities and the establishment of tourist facilities to meet the needs of all levels of tourist activities of various grades and categories.

Establishment of a  Complete tourist resort


150 million US dollars

- Tourist villages

- Tourist hotels

- Tourist villas

- Leisure areas

- Restaurants

A number of natural and touristic characteristics distinguishes site. Among these is the gradual denting towards the ocean, which also provides its own elements for tourist attraction. Its proximity to Alhami Beach and to nearby turtle breeding sites, in addition to being a sulfur water site suitable for treatment of diseases. It also features a variety of basic services.

Dhabdhab Beach – Shiher,

Located 3 km  to the east of the city of Shiher


Establishment of Various tourist facilities


15 million US dollars

3 star tourist hotels


- Hodeidah

- Hajjah

- Abyan

- Baydha

- Al Dhali

Project aims to establish 5 hotels in a number of cities and regions which suffer from scarcity of tourist residences


Establishment of a number of 3-star tourist hotels


18 million US dollars

-Assorted meals


- Taiz (Mount Sabur)

- Hodeidah (on the beach)

- Hajjah



-Al Jawf


These are divided into the following categories:

-Modern restaurants providing services to tourists in major cities

-Traditional restaurants that feature Yemeni traditional style in construction to be distributed on tourist areas that lack such services.

Establishment of A group of first class tourist restaurants



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