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Ministry of Fisheries.

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Proposed Location/ Locations

Characteristics of Location

Project products and services required

Proposed Production capacity

Estimated Investment Cost

Cultivating, Breeding and Fattening of Fish and Marine Biology


This project aims to cultivate, breed and fatten all different varieties of fish and Marine Biology by means of setting up fish farms in several of the natural locations spreading out along the coastline, which extends to 2,200 km.  The coastline is distinguished by its excellent natural marine terrain and environments suitable for the establishment of fish cultivation, breeding and fattening farms for all different kinds of fish, especially shrimps, tuna and Arabic usher, etc.

The accompanying tables indicate the proposed sites for setting up Marine Biology cultivation and breeding projects.

The results of the Comprehensive Survey of the Yemeni Coasts showed that there are 25 suitable locations in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden for cultivating and breeding fish and Marine Biology, of which 14 locations are suitable for cultivating shrimps.  The characteristics of these locations have been  determined in terms of the geographical location, the area available and salinity, etc.

Fish and Marine Biology – shrimp.

Accor-ding to project size

Investment cost to be estimated by investor according to project size

Storage and Freezing Coolers

This project aims to establish three large and medium size freezers for storing and freezing in the major coastal cities and the major unloading centers.

Investment in this field is in growing demand, especially in the other coastal governorates (Al-MaharaShabwaAbyanLahejTaizHajja – Socotra Island).

Statistical indicators indicate that the total annual fish production reaches 600 thousand tons, while the storage and freezing capacities of the existing freezers are 20 – 50 tons for 22 stores and 21 freezers.

Fish unloading centers spread out throughout the coastline.  The existing storage and freezing capacities are concentrated in three governorates: Hadhramout, Aden and Hodeida.

Near to the Fish Unloading Centers for easier storage and freezing

·   Storage and freezing of all different kinds of products

To be estimated based on the capacity and means available to investor and the relevant project study

To be calculated by investor according to relevant project study

Transport of Fishery Products domestically and overseas

This project aims to transport fish products domestically and overseas through a modern fleet with all technical and health specifications which preserve the quality of fish and other Marine Biology.  Fish and fish products are the most and quickest commodities exposed to spoilage and quality deterioration because of the temperature, time and hygienic handling methods. A current practice in the handling and marketing of Yemeni fish lead to weakening the quality and productive value of Yemeni fishery production, and prevents the export of fish to the European, Japanese and other world markets.

Undoubtedly fish trade is a major source of income for most of the coastal area population. Hence they are the most vulnerably threatened by such factors, which in turn affect domestic and foreign trade negatively. This is especially the case since fishery products are among the few commodities that bring a good surplus for Yemen’s economy. Most of these products are exported by using traditional methods that are below standard and lacking in quality control specifications.  In view of the importance of exporting Yemeni fish with high quality and high added value, it is imperative to develop a transport fleet equipped with the most modern technical and sanitary means and specifications. These should help in preserving.     the quality of fish and other Marine Biology in order to increase individual consumption of fish and to enhance Yemeni and Arab food security.

To extend coverage of all areas of domestic market in the Republic of Yemen with fish and other Marine Biology makes the possession of such fleet an essential requirement.

Throughout the governorates of the Republic of Yemen

Availability of Markets

Transport of fishery products domestically and overseas exports.

To be estimated based on the means available to investor and the relevant project study

To be calculated by investor according to relevant project study

Catchment of Fish and Marine Biology

This project aims to catch all types of fish and other ground and surface Marine Biology, which are available in large quantities in the different fishing areas.  This should follow a typical frame of agreement to be signed between the investors and the Ministry of Fisheries or its affiliated authorities.

The following areas:

The coastal fishing area outside the 4-mile sea limit from the minimum limit of Yemeni islands in the waters of the Gulf of Aden – Arabian Sea – Socotra Island.

The area of industrial seabed fishing outside the eight nautical miles from the minimum limit of the Yemeni Islands in the Gulf of Aden – Arabian Sea – Socotra Island.

The industrial fishing area for surface and seabed fishing in the economically feasible  area.

Fishing in the Red Sea is restricted only to coastal fishing beyond the nautical six mile limit from the minimum limit of the Yemeni Islands

Abundant Marine Biology in these areas

All different kinds of fish and Marine Biology.

Productive capacity set within the typical agreements signed between the investor and the Ministry of Fisheries for each fishing boat.

To be calculated by investor according to relevant project study

Fish Processing and Export

The territorial waters contain an extensive wealth in the fishery. The available types reach 350 to 400 kinds of fish, while only 90 kinds of those are actually exploited.   Currently only surface fish are being caught in general by following traditional fishing methods.  Therefore, the ground fish and the fish which live in the depths of the territorial waters of Yemen are not fully exploited.

The Yemeni Government is keen on encouraging industrial fishing and the establishment of processing and canning facilities for the local markets and exports.

The project can be established in all the coastal governorates (Hodeida, Aden, Al-Mukalla, Al-Mahara)

Abundance of fish wealth in the territorial waters.

Benefit from the abundance of fishery resources by developing the means and fishing methods.

Exploit seabed fish resources by advanced fishing technology.

Yemeni fisheries enjoy a good reputation worldwide to be enhanced with overseas exports to Europe and East Asia.

Modernization and regulation of coastal and industrial fishing.

Catch and process fish for export overseas.

Catch and process fish for domestic marketing.

Can fish which can be canned for domestic consumption export.

To be calculated by investor according to relevant project study

To be calculated by investor according to relevant project study


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