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Major Economic Indicators

Economic Indicators 2015

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The Content:

Comparison Registered Projects of the Head Office, Branches and Offices during 2013-2014.
Registered Projects by the Head Office, Branches and Offices during 2014 by Economic Sector.
Registered Projects by the Head Office, Branches and Offices during 2014 By Place of Issue.
Registered Projects by the Head Office,Branches & Offices during 2014 By Governorates.
Registered Projects in the Head Office,Branches & Offices during 2014 By Nationality.

Economic Indicators 2014

Indicators of national calculations

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The Content:

GDP at Current Prices for 2009-2012.
GDP at Constant Prices MIL.YR 2009-2012.
Growth Rates of GDP By Sector for (2009- 2012 )(by Current Prices ).
Growth Rate GDP By scetors At Constant Prices For (2009-2012).
The Percentage of Econmic Activity in GDP (%) by sectors for( 2009-2012) ( by Current Prices).
The percentage of Econmic Activtey in GDP By sectors for 2009-2012( by Constant Prices).
GDP by sectors Of porperty at Current Prices for 2009-2012 (Million Y.Rials).
Gross out put by Sectors Of Porperty at Constant prices , 2009-2012(Million Y.Rials).
Indicators Balance of Pyments for (2009-2012).
Indicators of consumption & Investment (2009-2012).
Consumer Price Index for 2009-2012.
Financial and monetary Indicators for 2009-2012.
Puplic Revenues (billion Y.Rials).
Quantity & Value Of Crude Oil (2009-2012 ).
Government share in Crude Oil Production (Million Barrels).
Outstanding External Debt for (2011-2013)Millin $.
External reserves of the Central Bank's Foregin Exchange byYears (Million $).

Information and other indicators of interest to the investor

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The Content:

Main Demographic Populaton indicators for 2009-2012.
Main Statistical indicators of communications & information Technology for 2009-2012.
Education indicators for Elementary & Secondary (2009-2010) - (2011-2012).
Main Health Indicators (2009-2012).
Indicators For Tourism form Arab & Foreign Countries (2009-2012).
Private & Public Health Facilities.
Indicators Of Public and Private Education by Years (2008-2009) - (2011-2012).
Structure of Banking System on 31-12-2012.
Commodities Structure of Exports & Imports by SITC2 During 2010-2012.
Top 20 Importing Countries From Yemen (2011 - 2012).
Top 20 Exporting Countries to Yemen by Source Country (2011 - 2012).
The Number Of the Training Institutions in the Governorates During 2011-2012.
Training Institutions According to The Available Highest Level Of Education.

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