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Key Industrial Hubs & Ports

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Yemen's ports and industrial hubs are at the center of much of the country's prospering economic activity. Al Mukalla and Aden - a Free Zone - to the south cater to shipping and heavy trade along the Arabian Sea. Al Hodeidah on the country's western coast only 150km (93 miles) from its capital Sanaa holds strategic access to the Red Sea. And Lahj, 30km (18 miles) east of Aden, provides for abundant arable land and business opportunities that have already attracted investments from Pepsi, Coca Cola and El Seweidy.

Investors, as they click through the cities linked in this section, will find that each of Yemen's industrial hubs and ports offer unique advantages for successful business formulation and expansion. Likewise, further information can be obtained by contacting GIA's main branch.
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