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More than 55 Investment Projects Registered by GIA During 2016

Despite the political and economic imbalances during the past two years, GIA has registered 55 investment projects during last year 2016 with an investment capital amounted to (16.3) billion Riyals ,fixed assets amounted to ( 10.7) billion Riyals, , which expected to create (1450) job opportunities, said by Prof. Mustafa Hussein Al Moutawakel- GIA's Chairman.
On the other hand, these projects comprise a number of economic sectors, where the number of projects in the manufacturing sector reached (38) projects with an investment capital totaled 10.3 billion Riyals and (62.6%) of the total registered in 2016, and value of fixed assets amounted to (8.5) billion Riyals concentrated mainly in the extractive industries, like cement industry and manufacturing industries, including food ,packaging and forages .
Moreover, the registered projects in the service sector reached to (14 projects) with investment capital of more than 9.4 billion Riyals by (29.9%) and value of fixed assets amounting to more than 7.3 billion Riyals focused mainly in the health sector , gas stations and mobilization. While the licensed projects in the tourism sector reached to two projects with investment capital exceeded 1.1 billion Riyals and by (7.2%) of the total investment capital.
At the geographical level, the registered projects were distributed in fifteen governorates ,where Hadramout was recorded as the first rank having the most projects. Then the Capital Trust with investment capital amounted to 3.7 billion riyals. , followed by Al Maharh which recorded 11 projects with capital investment amounted to 1.3 billion Riyals. Besides, Sana'a and Hodeidah equally recorded (6) projects and investment capital amounted to (2.3), (2.4) billion Riyals respectively. Also the projects distributed to (Aden, Al bayda'a, Ibb, Saada(.
It is worth mentioning that the projects which have been recorded during 2016 are expected to provide more than (1450) job opportunities.

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