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News Summary
Date Title
2017-01-16 Meeting of GIA's Chairman with Representatives of the Private Sector
2017-01-01 Workshop on the Procedures of Registering Investment Projects
2017-01-14 GIA's Chairman to Visit Al Hodeidah Governorate
2017-01-28 GIA's Board of Director's Meeting
2017-01-14 Minister of Finance and GIA's Chairman to Visit Investment Projects in Hodeidah
2017-02-12 More than 55 Investment Projects Registered by GIA During 2016
2017-02-27 GIA's Chairman to Meet with the Acting Chairman of Land Authority
2017-03-08 GIA's Ladies Staff were Honored on the Occasion of the International Women's Day
2017-04-16 Chairman to Meet with GAFI Vice Chairman
Date Title
2016-01-01 (Formation of a Committee to Deal with the Damaged Investment Projects)
2015-12-30 Activating the Joint Work Through Signing a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation between the General Investment Authority and the Ministry of Immigrant's Affairs
2016-05-9 Visiting a Number of Damaged Investment Projects
2016-05-08 Acting Chairman of the General Investment Authority meets with Geological Survey and Mineral Wealth
2016-05-14 Acting Chairman of the General Investment Authority Discusses Agricultural Investment Facilities with the Acting Minister of Agriculture
2016-05-17 The General Investment Authority Involved in the Yemen Entrepreneurs Forum
2016-06-01 Launch of the New GIA's Website
2016-06-13 More Simplification of Procedures / Faster Delivery
2016-06-21 Launch of the World Investment Report 2016
2016-08-03 A Consultative Meeting between the General Investment Authority (GIA) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation
2016-08-07 The General Investment Authority (GIA) will launch a Mobile Application for Smart Phones soon
2016-11-05 Appointing a New Chairman for GIA
2016-12-04 Receiving Applications for the Production Inputs of the Investment Projects for the first half of 2017
2016-12-12 GIA's Chairman to pay site visits for selected Investment Projects
2016-12-14 More Visits to Investment Projects
2016-12-21 Registration of new investment Projects at GIA
2016-12-27 GIA's Chairman to meet with H.E. Minister of Industry and Trade
Date Title
2015-02-25 More than 176 billion Riyals Investment Capital were Registered by GIA During 2014
2015-03-29 Al Hodeidah : An Investment Success Story Awaiting Support, Promotion and Exploitation
2015-12-31 Continuous Follow-up of the Affected Projects
Date Title
2014-01-08 Release and Publication of Yemen Invest First Edition
2014-01-22 Chairman of the General Investment Authority (GIA) meets the Chief Investment Officer of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA)
2014-02-10 GIA invites Korean investors to invest in Yemen
2014-02-05 Search to strengthen investment cooperation between Yemen and Malaysia
2014-01-29 Investment cooperation between GIA and U.S. Embassy
2014-03-10 GIA Chairman met Indian investment delegation
2014-03-12 Yemen officially joins WTO membership
2014-03-24 President Invited Canadian companies to re-invest in Yemen
2014-03-25 Tourism Minister encourages Lebanese investments
2014-03-26 Oil Minister calls British companies to invest in the oil sector
2014-03-31 HE The President wrote in the Editorial of the Yemen Invest’ Magazine Yemen is a promising country and we hope that the domestic and foreign investments inflow will rise up.
2014-04-06 HE The President Shared Discussion with Number of Businessmen
2014-04-10 Cabinet Discusses Area of Al-Alam’ Contract
2014-04-11 The Prime Minister: Aden has been and will continue to be the gate for promoting Yemen Economy
2014-05-05 Saudi Funding For the Establishment of a New Port in Hadramout
2014-05-25 HE The Yemeni President approved on the protocols of the Yemen's accession to the World Trade Organization(WTO)
2014-05-26 The General Investment Authority and The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency Decided to Enhance their Co-operation
2014-06-01 Addis Ababa : The Signing of Several Agreements Between Yemen and Ethiopia Focused on Boosting Relations Between the Two Countries
2014-06-02 The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding Between Yemen and Turkey to Cooperate and Encourage Investment in Electricity Sector
2014-05-29 China Reaffirms its Support for Investment Projects in Marine in Yemen
2014-05-30 Fifth in the Middle East .. Yemen launches project to strengthen the IT infrastructure investment
2014-06-10 The Russian delegation’s visit to Yemen
2014-06-11 32. 4 Billion Riyals Cost of Investment Projects Registered During the First Quarter
2014-07-05 Forecast Growth of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the world 12.5%
2014-08-20 Decline in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in China for the First Time in 17 months
2014-08-20 Yemen ratified the amendments of the Investment Agreement of the Arab League
2014-08-25 Fiscal Surplus in the Gulf States Maintains the Strength of its Investment Environment
2014-08-26 Preparations for the Establishment of a Seaport in Hadramout to Boost the Economy of Yemen
2014-08-27 Japan Honors Yemeni Businessman for his Role in the Trade Development between Yemen and Japan
2014-08-28 An agreement to strengthen the cooperation between Yemen and Brazil in the field of development
2014-08-29 Yemen recorded an increasing in trade with Arab countries
2014-08-30 Yemeni and Kuwaiti Committee Signed the Cooperation Memorandum Between the Two Countries in the Field of Oil, Gas and Minerals
2014-08-30 Proposal for the Establishment of a National Committee for the World Trade Organization
2014-08-30 Arab Business Conference Calls to Remove Impediments to Bilateral Trade and Provide Technical Support to Palestine, Sudan and Yemen
2014-08-30 Chinese trade delegation visits Yemen
2014-09-01 The Start of Work of the Conference of Arab Bilateral Trade in Jordan with the Participation of Yemen
2014-09-16 America and Yemen Discussed the Development of the Commercial Laws
2014-12-11 IPA's Meeting in the General Secretariat of the Arab League, Headed by the Republic of Yemen
Date Title
2013-09-17 Yemen participates in Deauville Partnership Investment Conference
2013-09-12 Dr.Yahya Saleh Mohsen, the Chairman of GIA headed a promotion campaign to Republic of China
Date Title
2012-06-04 President welcomes Australian investment and confirms that they will receive care and support
2012-09-19 Yemen presents 5 oil sectors to invest in for international companies
2011-12-01 New investments worth 135 billion Rials in eight governorates of Yemen
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